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For students

Do social justice issues inspire you? Are you passionate about equity? Are you motivated to learn how to recognize these issues and frame projects within your discipline from the point of view of social responsibility

Then join SoReMo! 

Fellowship information

SoReMo Fellows are key active participants in the Forum: a place for presenting issues, challenges, solutions, roadblocks, innovative ideas, that come out of Fellows' projects to a broad, multidisciplinary audience of students, faculty, and external advisors. They will peer review other Fellows' work. They will incorporate feedback from community stakeholders and subject matter experts from industry, academia, and government. During the process, Fellows will gain communications training, interdisciplinary experience, and contacts across campus and the community. 

Fellows get financial support to work on the project for one semester:

To prepare your application, you will be writing an essay project proposal, approximately 1-2 pages in length. Check out the information on how to write a good proposal

Associate Fellows

Not sure what project to propose, but you're eager to help and get involved? Apply to be an Associate Fellow! In this apprenticeship program you will learn how to work on the project, and hone your presentation and communication skills, and still act as a Fellow doing all the things described above, with one difference: you will not take the lead in defining and designing the project. 

Associate Fellows get financial support to work on the project for one semester:

To prepare your application, you will be telling us about your particular skills that you can use to contribute to a team. The information you provide on your application will help us determine if there is a match between your skills and existing projects. To get an idea of what kind of skills we are looking for, you may want to browse the how to write a good proposal page so that you see what kind of information we ask of Fellows.

Prospective Associate Fellows: missed the deadline? Email

Fellowship application process

Students interested in joining the SoReMo initiative as Fellows (with a paid fellowship) should complete an application form below: 

Applications for Fall 2024 will be open sometime in August 2024.
Successful Fellows can expect notification within 10 days of the deadline. 

Application deadline: tbd, 8am

Typical deadline for full consideration is typically around the first week of classes.

General interest

Not yet sure what to propose? Students interested in activities across Illinois Tech focused on social responsibility are more than welcome in joining the SoReMo Forum as participants. This is an event open to everyone! Click on "Join the conversation" to join our Google group and get event announcements.

For interested external partners

Do you have a project, large or small, that could benefit from an interdisciplinary student team taking a deep-dive and helping you with? 

Please write to us to to provide a project  idea, and we will see if there is a matching skillset student team (undergraduate/graduate) who can be assigned to this project! We would work on it for approximately 14 weeks -- September-December or January-April timeframe, corresponding to semesters at Illinois Tech. 

An external project pitch from a partner should contain the following information: 

Since 2021, we have funded math, computer science, data science, architecture, design, business, pre-med, biochemistry, humanities majors in the past couple of years. The interdisciplinary nature of our teams is pretty exciting and is what keeps us all together! 

Not ready to send a project pitch? Please email Sonja to request a meeting to discuss potential collaboration.

For faculty

Interested Illinois Tech faculty may join the initiative at any time; please email 

More information on what to expect coming soon!

For advisors / SMEs

Are you a faculty member interested in engaging with our students and projects?  Are you a community leader or stakeholder able to provide feedback to students and faculty on issues of social responsibility?  Are you simply passionate about equity, social justice, and social responsibility?  We would love to hear from you! Join us as an external advisor! 

We are always looking to welcome more advisors and subject matter experts from industry, government, community, and academia: reach out to any of the core faculty members, email SoReMo-core , or email Sonja

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