Socially Responsible Modeling, Computation, and Design

Empowering students to enact the positive societal change they are passionate about within Illinois Tech, Chicago, and beyond.

SoReMo advocates for ethical, equitable approaches in computation, modeling, and design, contributing to the common good of Chicago and beyond through research and education initiatives at Illinois Tech.

Why social responsibility?

  • Our lives and our choices are increasingly defined by data-driven technologies, often perpetuating racial and gender inequities, infringing on privacy and civil rights, and hindering full participation in building stronger and more vibrant communities in Chicago and beyond.

  • Impact the community right away, before graduation: `the extra step’ in applying students’ technical knowledge.

Why modeling, computation, and design?

  • Horizontal view of how to put social responsibility in context of various majors at IIT.

  • Focus on data-driven disciplines at large: applied mathematics, statistics, computer science, data science, design, social sciences.

  • Get educated on how mathematical modeling, computation, data science, and design can join forces to make an impact.

Why now?

No better time to:

  • Give students structure and another thing to look forward to in their education;

  • More meaningful connection of their studies to their daily lives;

  • Develop communication skills, focusing on multidisciplinarity, multimodal delivery.

Fellow testimonials

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Seize the opportunity.

Get involved now.

2020/21 Kick-off:

  • Student Fellows, Faculty Affiliates, External Advisors

  • Multidisciplinary seminar series

  • Diversity & Inclusion

Contribute. Donate.

Seed the future growth.

Growth plan:

  • Expansion of faculty research & collaboration

  • Broadening outreach

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