The Forum is a central event of SoReMo.

It is a multidisciplinary seminar for students, faculty, and external advisors to interact, share problems, solutions, strategies, technologies, issues, challenges, and general views of how to help society using modeling, design, computation, and data.


Meanwhile, stay tuned for the inaugural issue publishing the technical reports and a call for project proposals for Fall 2021!

What to expect in our events

The FORUM will consist of different types of events:

  1. Fireside Chats - a get-to-know-us panel discussion where interesting problems are brought up, and we learn about the many disciplines (academic) and areas (in industry&government) playing a critical role in how SoReMo will have an impact. These events are simply labeled as "SoReMo Forum" in the calendar.

  2. Forum-EDU focuses on current Fellows projects. This is to be a lively discussion and debate, lead by the Fellows, and critically assessed by the audience of peers, faculty, advisors.

  3. Forum-DIV will tackle challenges related to community engagement, diversity and inclusion. Some of these events will be co-hosted or coordinated with Illinois Techs's Community Engaged Research Coalition (CERC).

Student engagement events

During our inaugural semester, Spring 2021, we co-hosted several events to help students learn how to engage with the SoReMo initiative. It is our hope you have learned that these activities are designed to empower you, the student! Connect with us!

SoReMo is for students!

15 March, 2021
An event co-hosted with WiSTEM.

SoReMo x WiSTEM Slides

Slides from WiSTEM can also be found on their website.

SoReMo for students, II

23 March, 2021
A College of Computing panel to help students learn how to engage with us.

SoReMo for students

Registration is free. Meeting links for Forum events with external speakers is provided to those who register here .