Fellow testimonials

SoReMo is a great experience for diving into research. There's no need to come in as a research pro – it's all about learning from scratch. We figure out things like picking the right methodologies, getting creative with data visualization, and nailing down how to create a solid report. The best part? You get to connect and bounce ideas off faculty and other folks from different departments. It's a chance to tackle your project's challenges while not just learning but also making connections, snagging a stipend, and even getting a shot at publishing a paper. Where else can you do all that in one go?

Hana, Humanities

SoReMo is an absolutely enlightening experience. I learned a lot about the research process and the long term pitfalls that projects can fall into.

Sean, Computer Science

The SoReMo project afforded me the opportunity to independently think of a social issue and helped me to use my research experience to propose a solution, which in the end was beyond something that I expected. I love the SoReMo initiative, and I'm happy to be part of this great community.

Oluwaseun, Electrical and Computer Engineering

The SoReMo fellowship inspired and challenged me to take a required course and transform it into a real-world project that connects to an aspect of social justice. Having had this meaningful research experience, I am more motivated to make concrete connections to social justice remedies in my future work.

Mary, Design

In connecting with faculty outside of the Institute of Design, I found myself refining how I talk about design methods to align with the language used in other disciplines. I am grateful for the opportunity to practice translating terminology across disciplines in preparation for roles post-graduation.

Mary, Design

The SoReMo Fellowship is an outstanding and unique opportunity [...] to dialogue with a diverse group of professors over the course of a semester is a rare privilege. Beyond the specific feedback I received, I benefitted immeasurably from absorbing their ways of thinking and approaches to research. Also, being in a small cohort of peers pursuing their own research in parallel helped to foster a supportive community. Finally, I benefitted from the challenge of conducting an independent semester-long research project. The SoReMo faculty were helpful and accessible throughout the process. SoReMo is an excellent platform for a student new to conducting independent research projects because it creates such a supportive environment while pushing each student to independently carry out their research.

Harrison, Computer Science

The experience was  great for helping me improve my communication skills. I had to communicate my research progress at every meeting, and I often had to re-summarize the key ideas as new faces would show up at each meeting. The fellowship pushed me to be a nimble communicator. I was pushed to articulate and re-articulate my ideas both in written and spoken form, prepared and impromptu, one-on-one and to larger groups, both in long-form, and as an executive summary.

Finally, at the end of the fellowship, I finished with a project that I believe will create value for my fellow students at IIT and serve as a portfolio piece that demonstrates my ability to conduct independent research projects and spearhead change in my community. I expect that I will look back on the SoReMo Fellowship as one of the best and most unique learning experiences I had as a student at IIT.

Harrison, Computer Science

I am really thankful for the opportunity with SoReMo to take my research idea and find the help I needed to make worthwhile explorations. Drawing on publicly available data to find connections among neighborhoods bridged redlining practices and current conditions of green infrastructure. SoReMo provided me with a platform to pursue an extracurricular interest that helped expand my breadth of knowledge on research methods, data collection and analysis, and project management.

Joel, Architecture

SoReMo taught me the other side of science: the social sciences and its methodologies. It was a great learning experience coming from a STEM background!

Stanley, Applied Mathematics

This project allowed me to use my creativity to ask different questions about the data and answer them using statistical methods. Through this, I got interested in data science as a career path.

Alisha, Computer Science

SoReMo was a great environment to learn how to transition an interesting idea into an academic study. Mistakes and questions are acceptable, but there is still an expectation to produce meaningful work.

Trent, Applied Mathematics

As a SoReMo fellow, I had the opportunity to work on a project that I was passionate about and received feedback from a group of experts that are not directly accessible to me. This is a must-have characteristic for any multidisciplinary initiative.

Leila, Humanities

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work on such an impactful project with the support of knowledgeable faculty.

Barien, Biochemistry