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Reach out to Sonja Petrovic and she will be more than happy to connect you! 

Big plans. Pressing issues. Our time is now. 

At SoReMo, we believe there is no better time to invest in our students: empower them to enact positive societal change they are passionate about within Illinois Tech, Chicago, and beyond. 

Be the change. Support us and collaborate! 

Are you passionate about change? Is social responsibility a core value in your organization? Is it able to support work that integrates this value into education, reaches communities, and involves several data-driven disciplines? 

We are seeking funds to seed the growth of this initiative as we work on larger grants to sustain it in the long term.  Our lives and our choices are increasingly defined by data-driven technologies, often perpetuating racial and gender inequities, infringing on privacy and civil rights, and hindering full participation in building stronger and more vibrant communities in Chicago and beyond.

No gift is too small. 

At modest stipend amounts, our students take community-focused project to the next level, integrating technology, data, design, and modeling with the social perspective. Our faculty donate their research time and work with the students to seek out new, multidisciplinary collaborations that build on student involvement and community engagement. Our external advisors offer guidance and new perspectives. 

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Growth plan:

Reach out to Sonja Petrovic and she will be more than happy to connect you! 

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