We are a network of faculty and professionals who strive to:

  • Train students in multidisciplinary communication;

  • Inspire and motivate challenges students can tackle;

  • Provide feedback on student project insights and impact.

We provide a framework for students to:

  • Make their engagement with society more effective by help their projects (that are near/at completion) with community stakeholders grow in the long term.

Core faculty

Matthew Dixon

Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics

Robert Ellis

Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics

Mar Hicks

Associate Professor of History

Cynthia Hood

Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Associate Chair Computer Science

Hemanshu Kaul

Co-Director, M.S. in Computational Decision Science and Operations Research (CDSOR)

Carly Kocurek

Associate Professor of Digital Humanities and Media Studies, Director of Graduate Studies

Chun Liu

Professor of Applied Mathematics, Chair Applied Mathematics


Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics, Associate Chair and Director of Undergraduate Studies
Sonja Petrovic Portrait Aug21

Sonja Petrović

Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics

Gorjana Popovic

Senior Lecturer of Applied Mathematics

Fouad Teymour

S.C. Jonhson Professor of Chemical Engineering, Director of the Center for Complex Systems and Dynamics

María A. Villalobos H.

Assistant Professor of Architecture, Coordinator of the third year of the Master on Landscape Architecture and Urbanism

Affiliated faculty

Matthew Bauer

Senior Lecturer of Computer Science

Mustafa Bilgic

Associate Professor of Computer Science, Program Director Master of Artificial Intelligence

Yuhan Ding

Senior Lecturer of Statistics, Applied Mathematics

Jacek Dzikowski

Senior Lecturer of Computer Science

Mohamed El Marzouki

Assistant Professor of Communication, Humanities

Laura Forlano

Associate Professor, Institute of Design

Elisabeth Hildt

Professor of Philosophy, Director, Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions

Ivan Mutis

Assistant Professor of Civil and Architectural Engineering

Christopher Rudd

Instructor and Lead, Chicago Design Lab, Institute of Design, Lead Activator, ChiByDesign

Kai Shu

Assistant Professor of Computer science

Brent Stephens

Professor of Architectural Engineering, Director of ArchEng, Director of Environmental Engineering

Karl Stolley

Associate Professor of Information Technology and Management


Congratulations the inaugural class of Fellows !

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Weslynne Ashton

Associate Professor at the Stuart School of Business and the Institute of Design, Illinois Tech

A. Jean-Luc Ayitou

Associate Professor of Chemistry, UIC College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Illinois Tech's Department of Chemistry

Alicia Bunton

Director of Community Affairs, Illinois Tech

Nik Rokkop

Coleman Foundation Clinical Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, Stuart School of Business; Director, Master of Technological Entrepreneurship, Illinois Tech

Charles Uth

Senior Engineering Librarian, Paul V. Galvin Library, Illinois Tech
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