Spring 2023

Angela Petrone

Project title: Analysis of the impact of search engines and social media on decision-making

Angela is in Digital Humanities.

Deana Exline

Natalie Brown

Project title: Negative Health Impacts of Environmental Inequality

Deana is in Mechanical Engineering. Natalie is in Computer Science. They are working on this project as a team. 

Md Mahmudur Rahman

Caitlin Louise Brown

Project title: An Exploration into the Necessary Transparency Needed in the Recycling Culture

Mahmud is in the Master of Landscape Architecture+Urbanism program, College of Architecture. Caitlin is in the Bachelor of Architecture program, College of Architecture. They are working on this project as a team. 


Spring 2023 projects are supported by a generous gift by Joel Krauss (MATH ’71), Board of Advisors Vice-Chair of CoC Board of Advisors.

 Fall 2022

Oluwaseun Ajayi

Project title: The Forecasting and Case Study Modeling of COVID-19 in Chicago: A Data-driven Approach

Oluwaseun is a PhD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering. 

Mitchell Kunichoff 

Project title: The Mental Health Care Crisis and its Connections to Other Systems

Mitchell is a Masters student at the Institute of Design. 

Mary Morgan

Tomomi Tanigawa

Project title: Understanding the Motivations of Volunteers Working for Equity in Education

Mary and Tomomi Master of Design Methods students at the Institute of Design. They are working on this project as a team

Jack Harrison Mohr

Project title: An Exploration and Analysis of the Problem of Below Minimum Wage Pay for Immigrant Students at IIT

Harrisson is a student in Computer Science.


Fall 2022 projects supported by College of Computing and Armour College of Engineering.

 Spring 2022

Joel Meyer

Project title: Analysis on the Persisting Effects of Redlining to Chicago Neighborhoods

Joel is a last-year student in the College of Architecture. 

Maya Simkin

Project title: Predictive policing: a case study

Maya is a JD student at Chicago-Kent College of Law.

Ryan Manthy

Keru Omad

Sean Cummings

Stanley Nicholson

Project title:  Evaluating the effectiveness of web based resources on the mental well being

Ryan and Sean are Computer Science students; Stanley is in Applied Mathematics; Keru is in Biomedical Engineering.  These four students are working as a team.  

Team member bios

Sean Cummings - Graduating May 2024 Sean is a sophomore studying computer science with a specialization in information security. As a Senator for the Student Government Association and Treasurer of Intinium, he is an active leader on campus. Additionally, Sean is the student advisor for the Cybersecurity Steering Committee at Illinois Tech and works as a TA in the college of computing. In the future, he intends on continuing supervising technology development for startups.

Ryan Manthy - Graduating May 2024 Ryan is a sophomore pursuing a degree in computer science and M.A & Lila Self Leadership Scholarship recipient. He serves as VP of Events for the Student Government Association, Budget Chair of Intinium, and Treasurer of the Machine Learning Club. Outside of school, he is involved as an organizer, where he has served in senior leadership roles on several political campaigns. He has a passion for the intersection of technology and public policy. After university, he aspires to work with social impact startups as a venture capitalist or consultant.

Stanley Nicholson - Graduating May 2023 Stanley is a sophomore studying applied mathematics on a co-terminal degree track. He is a Camras scholar, President of the Machine Learning Club, and Student Researcher. His interdisciplinary research has emphasized machine learning, drug modeling, bridge dynamics, and stochastics. Stanley's long-term plans involve obtaining a PhD in applied mathematics to solve problems in biology and economics.

Amirreza Eshraghi

Project title: Tree canopy coverage: data analytics view of the Persisting Effects of Redlining to Chicago Neighborhoods

Amirreza is a MS student in data science. He is working as an Associate Fellow with Joel Meyer. 


Spring 2022 projects supported by the Deans of the following Colleges: Computing, Armour, Architecture, and Department of Applied Mathematics.

 Fall 2021

Trent Gerew

Project title: Reaction-diffusion spatial modeling of COVID-19 in Chicago

Trent is a 5th year co-terminal degree student in Applied Math. 

Michael Kralis

Project title: Education Disparity in Chicago: A Statistical Analysis

Michael is a Masters student in Applied Math. 

Sandy Orozco

Project title: Evidence-Based Strategies: A Study to Improve Diversity and Inclusion in Illinois Higher Education Institutions

Sandy is a Masters student in Public administration and Public Policy.

Sara Simon

Project title: The Data-Driven Narratives of Epidemics: A History of Chicago’s Public Health Data Pipelines

Sara is a PhD student in Humanities. 

Jati Zunaibi

Project title: Design Justice Within Education

Jati is a PhD student in Architecture.


Fall 2021 projects supported by the Deans of the following Colleges: Computing, Architecture, Lewis.

 Spring 2021

Final reports

Read all about the completed projects in our in-house peer-reviewed publication, the SoReMo Journal

Congratulations to the inaugural class of SoReMo Fellows! 

The Fellows will work with faculty and advisors, in a multidisciplinary environment, to complete and showcase their projects. They will incorporate feedback from community stakeholders and subject matter experts from industry, academia, and government. During the process, Fellows will gain communications training, interdisciplinary experience, and contacts across campus and the community.

Major discussions will take place in the Forum, a public bimonthly seminar for presenting issues, challenges, solutions, roadblocks, and innovative ideas that come out of projects to a broad, multidisciplinary audience of students, faculty, and external advisors. Student participation in the Forum will not only help extend and polish their projects, but also is designed to expand their academic and professional networks.

Ryan Ciminski

Project title: Community Risk Mitigation Research: A Data Science Study into the Inequities of Preparedness Education in the Chicago Region

Ryan is a first year undergraduate student majoring in Applied Mathematics. 


Barien Gad

Project title: Facilities, amenities, and accommodations for minorities in STEM and the impact on Illinois Tech's community (in conjunction with WISTEM)

Barien is a second year undergraduate student majoring in Biochemistry. 

Alisha Khan

Project title: Investigating and developing strategies to address student diversity at Illinois Tech (in conjunction with WISTEM)

Alisha is a second-year undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science. 

Leilasadat Mirghaderi

Project title: Social Media Users Free Labor in Iran: Influencers, ethical conduct and labor exploitation

Leilasadat is a PhD student in Technology and Humanities


Spring 2021 Fellowships supported by the Office of the Provost.