Project final reports

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Spring 2021

Congratulations to the inaugural class of SoReMo Fellows!

The Fellows will work with faculty and advisors, in a multidisciplinary environment, to complete and showcase their projects. They will incorporate feedback from community stakeholders and subject matter experts from industry, academia, and government. During the process, Fellows will gain communications training, interdisciplinary experience, and contacts across campus and the community.

Major discussions will take place in the Forum, a public bimonthly seminar for presenting issues, challenges, solutions, roadblocks, and innovative ideas that come out of projects to a broad, multidisciplinary audience of students, faculty, and external advisors. Student participation in the Forum will not only help extend and polish their projects, but also is designed to expand their academic and professional networks.

Ryan Ciminski

Project title: Community Risk Mitigation Research: A Data Science Study into the Inequities of Preparedness Education in the Chicago Region

Ryan is a first year undergraduate student majoring in Applied Mathematics.

Barien Gad

Project title: Facilities, amenities, and accommodations for minorities in STEM and the impact on Illinois Tech's community (in conjunction with WISTEM)

Barien is a second year undergraduate student majoring in Biochemistry.

Alisha Khan

Project title: Investigating and developing strategies to address student diversity at Illinois Tech (in conjunction with WISTEM)

Alisha is a second-year undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science.

Leilasadat Mirghaderi

Project title: Social Media Users Free Labor in Iran: Influencers, ethical conduct and labor exploitation

Leilasadat is a PhD student in Technology and Humanities.