What does a Fellow do?

The research project itself

This is a stipend for working, hopefully jointly with SoReMo faculty and other students, on a research, writing, and outreach project as outlined in the project plan you submitted in your application, as well as follow-up questions identified by the SoReMo Fellowship Panel, included in the email sent with your fellowship offer.

The Fellow is the lead on the project though; mentoring is done during the Forum or on demand.

Presenting and critical discussion

SoReMo’s flagship event, the Forum, meeting 2nd and 4th Thursday (or Friday) of each month, typically during the lunch hour, relies on each Fellow to be an essential participant. In a nutshell, the goal of the Forum is to discuss issues, challenges, solutions, roadblocks, innovative ideas etc. that come out of the completed project, to this broad, multidisciplinary audience, and boil down the technical challenges from their field to be understandable by everyone. Fellow participation will not only help further, round, and expand each project, but is designed to expand Fellows' academic and professional network.

The first and last Forum are special:

Opening presentation

The first Forum of each semester is devoted to project introductions, addressing questions such as:

  • What is the project about?

  • Who are the stakeholders?

  • Who are the participants?

  • Topic, area, major? What methods and/or types of findings do you anticipate in this project?

  • What issue related to social justice or equity do you wish to solve or address, and how?

This list is not exhaustive.

Final presentation

Discussing a review of questions from the opening talk, and adding:

  • What additional interdisciplinary approaches would the project have benefited from; utilizing feedback from subject matter experts and SoReMo advisors, when appropriate.

  • Identify future developments, start-ups, community benefits that can be taken one step further.

Collaboration, engagement, peer-review

Fellows engage with other participants and remain open to collaboration across disciplines.

They also peer review (formally and informally) other Fellows’ presentations and technical reports.


Each Fellow submits a technical report for the project focusing on social responsibility, including key issues that have been / remain to be addressed (from the point of view of project extension / future work). This report is peer reviewed (by faculty, fellows, other students, and sometimes outside references) for publication in the SoReMo journal.,